DR Gaming Technology Europe

System Engineer (Belgium)



DR Gaming Technology is a company in full expansion and is looking for a new System Engineer to join our team


As a System Engineer you will be in charge of the following tasks:

- Developing  graphical user interfaces & multi media displays

- Designing hardware boards (PCB)

- Developing of system components

- Maintaining the subversion software control system

- Maintaining the engineering Wiki system

- Executing the daily backup procedures



Desired skills and experience





- Ability to administer and program on Debian GNU/Linux (squeeze & wheezy) on the i386 and ARM platform. (raspian)

- Fluent in shell scripting (bash)

- Fluent in C++ (gcc). (especially Boost C++ libs and libusb)

- Knowledge of filesystems, work with ext2 and squashfs, package them.

- Work with imaging distribution systems (parted, partimage, bootable USB sticks)

- Knowledge and experience in programming micro controllers (Atmel AVR (LUFA libraries))

- System programming of HTML5 and java script web pages.

- Knowledge of databases ( postgresSQL / MSSQL) is a plus



- Knowledge and experience in designing analog and digital electronic circuit boards. (EAGLE)

- Knowledge of serial communication protocol and designing and debugging circuitry for RS232/422/485, I2C, SPI, 1-wire bus etc.

- System programming on Raspberry PI (BCM2835)

- Knowledge of digital video processing of VGA, TMDS (DVI/HDMI), LVDS and their conversions hard- and software wise.

- Detailed knowledge of the TCP/IP stack and the ability to do network programming.


Casino Gaming related requistities:

System Protocols as SAS, G2S and its sub-family.

Languages in order of importance:

- English
- Dutch
- German
- French



- You don't have a 9 to 5 mentality
- You are able to perform in stressful situations


Please send your application to michiel@drgt.com