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‘Your Next Table Jackpot system’
DRGT is changing the market for table games


The DRGT work belief is – when in gaming bring value, something that customers will greatly benefit from and highly appreciate. Change the game rules – make it simple to use yet extremely valuable to the users. Offer unbeatable service to match. Be there for the customers – support them at all times.


This philosophy has made DRGT – a leading independent gaming innovator – the fastest growing systems company in the gaming industry. The must have choice for ‘Your next system’ – not only is the DRGT technology not tied to servers, all slots no matter the age can be connected. drScreen enables operators to communicate directly with players on the slot screen or via the player tracking screen, which are offered in 3 mix and match size options to best meet operator’s requirements. With this desire to innovate and its extensive background in jackpots, Wide Area Progressives and bonusing, DRGT has taken this experience and knowledge and moved across the floor into table games.


The first games were introduced last year at G2E Las Vegas and ICE 2016 saw similar momentum. G2E Las Vegas 2016 will see DRGT further grow its table games portfolio with exciting new games.


This business segment is spearheaded by two industry veterans who have an impressive wealth of experience and knowledge across the casino floor as well as particularly in table games – Nigel Witty and Des Whitcher.


The impact of the DRGT side bets on table games underline that DRGT is breaking the mould for the progressive Table Games Industry. Players enjoy these side bets so much that, not only are they playing with increased frequency, they often also play at much higher stakes.


DRGT has invented new side bets games that bring further excitement to the traditional table games. Blackjack 11’s, MatchMaker, Bacarrat 11’s and Roll'em Texas Hold'em will all be lighting up the show. A trip to the DRGT stand #4405 will be well worthwhile.


Looking at these table games in more detail:


The games make use of drSensor technology – the player places a chip on the drSensor to participate in the side game. The Brand new drSensor is capable of 16.9 million colours and has effects built in, so the casino can choose the colours and effects at will and change them at any time.


Blackjack 11’s:
The player chooses to play Blackjack 11’s by placing a chip on his drSensor at the start of a new game. A player wins if the first two cards dealt come to the value of eleven. That’s not all – there are 5 combinations of the eleven. ‘Perfect Jackpot 11’ is when the player draws a King of Spades and a special ‘Jackpot’ Ace of Spades (the inclusion of this card is the only variation to the standard pack of cards). The casino can choose the combination of normal aces and new jackpot aces – so influence the probabilities of the Perfect Jackpot 11 being reached. More Jackpot Aces of Spades in the pack will lead to a higher win frequency with lower pay-out rates (less Jackpot Aces of Spades lead to fewer such wins but with higher pay-outs).


Another new game based on BlackJack - the player can place a side bet to participate. The display shows a virtual deck of cards and upon the game starting a virtual card is displayed. By combining this with the cards in their hand, the player has the possibility to have three cards of the same Suit and Value, to form the ‘triple’ – with the pair from the real cards and the virtual card on top. The odds range from 2 TO 1 (mixed colour pair) to 1000 TO 1 (perfect trip – three Kings all of the same suit).


Baccarat 11's
Baccarat 11's offers added excitement. The player places a single side bet – if either Player or Banker gets 11 in the first 2 cards, then the player wins. If both get 11 the player wins twice. Furthermore, the top progressive is any Ace & King Suited. Baccarat 11's is simple to play and increases the game’s entertainment value.


Roll'em Texas Hold'em
Dice meets card! This is the DRGT side bet for Texas Hold’em. Each ‘2’ card has a dice symbol and the player can participate on this side bet by placing a chip on the drSensor. The player wins when a ‘2’ is drawn – the more ‘2’s’, the higher the win and having ‘2’s’ of the same colour increases the win. This is a community side bet. If at least 2 ‘2’s’ are in the flop, then all players who are taking part in the side bet win! The Rollin’ bonus can be triggered at any time like a mystery.  It chooses one drSensor, then the player is presented with a big red dice, where the ‘1’ is a slot machine button, the player presses it, and the overhead display shakes 3 dice virtually. The player then wins each dice value multiplied together with side bet value – so up to a maximum of 216 times the side bet value.


Come and see the BlackJack table at the DRGT stand and see the impressive new ‘Switch’ feature. This allows the casino, at any point in time, to switch the side bet on the table at will, from BlackJack 11’s to Matchmaker and vice versa. This revolutionary first in tables progressives, allows the operators to mix and match the number of tables playing each type of BlackJack progressive according to customer demand. And better still: at DRGT you get all the Black Jack games in one go – thus all BlackJack Games are included at the same price.


Using its expertise in jackpot systems in slots, DRGT has integrated this technology so all of these new games can be linked to a jackpot – local-area or wide-area progressives. It is highly configurable – the Jackpot values, the Bonus games, the Increment values and even the graphic display themes can be simply managed by the casino operator – and of course they are simple and easy to manage.


All DRGT Tables Progressive games are highly configurable, the operator decides the payouts, Jackpots and bonus, and can choose to have Jackpots at whatever levels they require. Naturally like all DRGT products, this runs completely without a server, making it extremely reliable and cost effective to install and run. There is never a need for a physical upgrade – as this is built-into the DRGT software management – and is done at a touch of a button.


All the DRGT games are simple to learn – offering minimal impact on game speed yet a massive impact on your bottom line.


Make sure you visit the DRGT stand #4405 to find out just how exciting the DRGT side bet games are for players and how profitable they can be for operators.





Des Whitcher and Nigel Witty of DRGT










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