DR Gaming Technology Europe


Lean Network Infrastructure

drWideArea is an IP-based Wide Area Network (WAN) and can either be hooked on to an existing WAN, or can easily be created using xDSL routers to link sites.

  • No central server necessary
  • No central head office required, due to intelligent and elegant network design; all sites have equal standing
  • "Virtual headquarters" can be set up; these sites do not need to have EGMs installed
  • Innovative network layouts possible
  • Only standard router necessary at each site; no proprietary hardware or software needed
  • Only a minimal bandwidth required
  • Only 1 static IP address necessary per network; all other sites can work on DHCP

In a network with virtual headquarters, the following is possible only at headquarters:

  • Adding and maintaining sites
  • Remotely upgrading other sites
  • Running reports that cover all sites

Extensive Security Features

drWideArea comes with several state-of-the-art security features that prevent your data from being corrupted, lost, or manipulated by unauthorized persons.



The encryption technology implemented in the system ensures the highest possible security in transmitting data between sites:

  • Standard encryption key used by default to encrypt all transmitted data
  • Additional, operator-definable private encryption key per communication link
  • Regular and automatic changing of keys


Authentication for drWideArea Functions

You can freely specify authentication keys per drWideArea jackpot that govern access to such functions as drWideArea configuration or sensitive drWideArea reports.


Backup Connections

Minimize the risk of communication failures by configuring backup connections.

  • Use up to 3 backup links per site in addition to the primary connection
  • Implement backup links on the same router as the primary link or on different routers (from the same or different Internet Service Providers)
  • Automatic switching to backup in case of failure of the active connection


Data Synchronization

Automatic synchronization of jackpot values when an offline site goes online again.

Flexible Site and Jackpot Management

Tailor the drWideArea network to your immediate business needs, and expand it effortlessly as new situations arise.

Connect up to

  • 256 EGDs per LAN to a Wide Area jackpot
  • 256 LANs in a Wide Area network
  • 32 Wide Area jackpots per LAN


  • Combine drWideArea jackpots with any number of DRGT Local Area jackpots at any site
  • Implement any DRGT jackpot for Wide Area use
  • Turn any existing jackpot into a drWideArea jackpot
  • Configure and maintain sites by remote access
  • Specify the following per jackpot:
    • Dayclose time for drWideArea reports
    • Configurable locking of machines when a site goes offline
  • Perform manual (emergency) jackpot operations for drWideArea jackpots:
    • Changing the current jackpot value (at any participating site)
    • Resetting hits (at hit site only) to unlock the machine
    • Generating a hit (at hit site only) if the machine did not send the hit information to the system

Sites and Links

  • Add sites and links at any time
  • If necessary, delete links and inactivate sites; re-connect sites at any time
  • Update the DRGT software remotely at other sites (password protected)

Multi-Site Monitoring

Jackpots and Sites

Stay informed about the performance and status of your sites and a specific jackpot or all drWideArea jackpots using the integrated Monitoring feature.

  • Jackpot information includes current hits, current jackpot value, current contribution per site, and number of EGMs participating at each site
  • Select the interval at which status information is refreshed on the screen
  • Colors alert you to different types of issues, thus making troubleshooting easy


Monitor operation-critical significant events from within the drSMIB software. For centralized monitoring, use a tool to

  • Track events for all or selected sites in real time
  • Enable sound alerts to have events read out to you by a female or male voice
  • Activate pop-up messages and define various viewing and printing options
  • Print configurable event details for analysis and archiving

System-Wide Reporting

Assess at a glance and at any time the performance of each site and each drWideArea jackpot in your network using DRGT's comprehensive drWideArea reports.

  • Hit details per jackpot — hit amount, winning EGM, hit time, contribution per site, etc.
  • Hit contribution per site, jackpot and gaming day — number of hits per site, hit amounts, contribution of site per day (throughout the day)
  • Games played at max bet and the total in from these games
  • Revenue reports showing the revenue per site and the total revenue from all sites
  • Jackpot configuration report with current settings and change history
  • Filter reports by jackpot, site, number of days
  • Choose between totals per site or totals per machine
  • High-level information included in local reports per site for drWideArea jackpots to which the site is connected
  • Total contribution from other connected sites in local financial reports
  • Export reported data to Microsoft® Excel