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Promotion through drSign

Slot Race is an add-on module to the DRGT™ online system and uses the proven drSign application for professionally promoting the tournaments

  • When you first introduce Slot Race on your floor or deploy it in new areas of your venue, or
  • During non-tournament periods, to announce upcoming race times and awards

Pre-Tournament, Competition, Winner Celebration

Slot Race tournaments are staged consistently from start to finish in three phases, with each phase seamlessly following the previous one:

  • The pre-tournament phase, which creates suspense, similar to a rocket launch countdown
  • The actual competition, where players fiercely compete for points
  • The winner celebration, where the tournament winner - and if desired the second and third-ranked players - are identified and celebrated
Pre-Tournament Competition Winner Celebration
A countdown timer appears on the display while machines are available for playing as usual

Display background already visualizes theme of tournament
The race is started, and players compete for the highest number of points at participating EGMs

The player ranking is dynamically updated on the display in real-time
Race time is over, and the Slot Race winner is awarded

The final ranking on the display visualizes the dominance of the winner and the positioning of all contestants

Easy Configuration for Your Needs

Freely configure the following Slot Race parameters and adjust them as necessary to quickly schedule the next tournaments:

  • Participating EGMs - up to 256 positions regardless of model, denomination, or game
  • Descriptive player names - participants' actual names or nicknames, visualized on the display and available for reports
  • Scheduled date and time for the competition and the duration of the phases, together with the entire theme of the individual tournament
  • Optional locking of EGMs immediately before and after the competition if desired
  • Multipliers for awarding points for the total in, total out, or number of games played (at least one multiplier necessary)

Ranking and Result Calculation

During the competition phase, participants are awarded points based on the configured multipliers. The purpose of Slot Race is to collect as many points as possible during the contest.

Participants are ranked based on the current number of points. In the event of tie situations, the one player who first reached this level leads.

Visualization on Multimedia Displays

Plug-and-play animations excite contestants and spectators during the pre-tournament phase, the competition, as well as the celebration of the winner. Animations and effects are driven by DRGT's screen-based graphical drSign.

Configure breathtaking, professional displays to optimally support the competitive tournament environment.

  • For all phases, use the animation sequences provided, or easily adjust them to the audience's preferences
  • During the competition, the ranking is rendered automatically and is continuously updated, with player name and current number of points:
    • A configurable number of players are shown as colored bars
    • The bar length visualizes the number of points proportionally
  • During winner celebration, the Slot Race dominator is highlighted together with their result

Reporting of Results

Revenue Reports

  • Revenue generated during tournaments is included in the revenue reports.
  • The award does not appear in any revenue report.

Tournament Result Report

View the results per instance:

  • Overview of instances since last dayclose, a selected gaming day, or all instances since the selected gaming day
  • Details per instance with start time, winning position, and winning number of points
  • Print the report and export it to Microsoft® Excel

Hosting Card-Based Tournaments

You can host tournaments exclusively for holders of membership cards/iButtons or club cards/iButtons:

  • Either have patrons use their regular level 0 or personalized cards/iButtons, or hand out special tournament cards/iButtons with funds preloaded to them
  • No additional configuration necessary - players simply walk up to a machine and insert their card/iButton to participate! No need to configure player names, as they are automatically read from the cards/iButtons (numbers for level 0 cards/iButtons)
  • Player Tracking Displays at participating machines are used to announce tournaments and to visualize the countdown, ranking and final score


At any time view up-to-date details for a specific tournament or all running tournaments:

  • Current tournament phase
  • Current instance
  • Name, EGM position, and the last winner's number of points 
  • Key configuration settings such as multipliers, start time, and number of participants


  • An installed drSMIB network among participating EGMs
  • drSign application with Slot Race animation
  • drTournament software licence
  • For card-based tournaments: drCashless and drPlayerTracking software licenses; drMFRs (Multifunctional Card Readers) and Player Tracking Displays (PTDs) installed at machines