DR Gaming Technology Europe


High Security

The drTicket application provides high level security ensuring that no manipulation is possible: System validation of tickets is performed and only registered tickets are accepted. Thus attempts of fraud and counterfeit tickets can easily be detected.

We turn our attention especially on preventing fraudulent use of tickets - no simultaneous redeeming of identical tickets is possible.


As for the ticket validation no server is required, any size of venue can be operated using one or several drSMIB networks.

Using the drSMIB wide area capability, a plurality of sites can be operated.

Extensive Reporting

  • Ticket revenue (current or for a selected day)
  • Ticket meters (in all relevant revenue and event reports)
  • Issued tickets held by players
  • Redeemed, expired, and void tickets
  • Tickets that have been redeemed at another site

Operational Features

drTicket offers various operational features, for example the redeeming of tickets at a kiosk or at the cash desk, the possibility for players to purchase tickets at the cash desk, or the issuing of promotional tickets. Voiding of any defective ticket that cannot be read by the bar code reader (e.g., due to a ticket printer error).

Servicing tasks are monitored and cause warnings when paper in the ticket printer is low or empty.

Flexible Validity of Tickets

Configure expiry times and conditions for acceptance to meet jurisdictional regulations. Graduate the ticket validity (for example with reference to the amount) to counteract money laundering attempts.

Expiry times will help you controlling liabilities.

Integrates with drPlayerTracking, drBonusing, and drCashless

Operate drTicket with drPlayerTracking, drBonusing, and card-based or iButton-based drCashless: accept tickets on buy in and cash out to card/iButton, or allow players who use cards/iButtons to collect Player Tracking points while playing with tickets.

Multi-Site Tickets

If you are operating multiple sites, tickets can be used at any site (configurable). Give players the possibility of playing or redeeming their ticket at another site. The liability reports list these tickets separately.