DR Gaming Technology Europe


Comprehensive Table Transactions

Any gaming venue wants to rely on the safe and fast handling of transactions at its tables. In drTable, the major features to manage and record table operations are the following:

  • Easy table opening or closing via touch screen
  • Any dealer change is recorded in the system
  • Table fills or credits through interaction with drCage
  • Alarm messages in drCage for pending fills or credits
  • Alarm feature for scheduled table counts
  • Final fill or credit at closed table; accounted for closing float of previous shift

Additionally recorded and reported data are:

  • Drop and tips recorded in the system
  • Viewing shift inventory at any time
  • Guest count recorded in the system

If a drawer is in use, additional features are provided:

  • Configurable drawer inventory
  • Movements between drawer and chip tray
  • Transactions between drawer and cash desk



Operation Security Features

To ensure secure table operation various security features are placed at disposal:

  • Transaction authorization procedure in accordance to staff card rights
  • PIN change authorization procedure
  • Alarm messages for float mismatch

Supports RFID Cards and iButtons

Dealers always have to provide fast and reliable service to guests. Using cards or iButtons, staff can conveniently:

  • Log in to the system using their card/iButton
  • Authorize dealer transactions using a superior staff card/iButton

RFID and 1-Wire® technology used by DRGT™ allows for fast and easy handling – no consideration of insertion direction.

Transparent Operation Flow

Touch screen monitors allow for fast and easy operations at each table connected to the system:

  • Staff is not restrained by using a keyboard but can conveniently tap on the touch screen
  • Function to call service staff
  • Function to enter drop and tips immediately
  • User interface optimized for fast operation


Various reports about results (hourly based or summed up) are available at individual cash desks and centralized in the database:

  • Overview about table inventory showing all table counts
  • Executed fills and credits
  • Recorded drop and tip entries
  • Overview about table shifts
  • Hourly based result reports
  • Hourly based drop reports

Special Table Types Supported

The drTable system integrates the operation of Flip Top tables.

  • Assignment of two games to one table position
  • Separated reporting for each game
  • Transaction handling for each game individually
  • Float is taken into consideration at game change

Implementation Benefits

  • Simple installation and setup
  • Maximum data availability through redundant archiving and synchronization within the network
  • Optimum user guidance by user-friendly and intuitive look-and-feel

Configuration options (selection):

  • Rolling float or fixed table allocation at the start
  • Regulation switch, in order to automatically parameterize the system according to jurisdictional rules
  • Touch screen for easily entering amounts by selecting bill/coin
    denomination symbols