DR Gaming Technology Europe


Screen and Screen Sequence Features

You define a series of screens or screen sequences (a group of screens) that are played one after the other in the configured order. drSign provides you with maximum flexibility in setting up and arranging screens.

  • Define any number of screens where content is visualized according to your design and the individual situation of use; several screen resolutions supported
  • Copy screens to quickly adjust them to new themes
  • Arrange sequences of screens like a workflow to enhance the audience's multimedia experience 
  • Schedule the sequences to match the supported event (for example, jackpot hit, restaurant advertisement, or event promotion in your venue)
  • Optionally specify a jackpot animation to stop automatically when a jackpot is reset
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop feature for all elements such as meters, graphics, video, and text; therefore no sophisticated design skills are needed to create exciting content
  • Use any color or graphic as background for screens
  • Place a configurable digital clock on any screen to prominently show the current time
  • Check and fine-tune your sequences before they go live, using the built-in preview feature


Jackpot Meter Settings

Direct players' attention to substantial cash wins or attractive prizes using various meter customization options.

  • Visualize as many jackpot meters per screen as desired
  • Create your own meter styles, LED-type or graphical

Visualize different jackpots in a heartbeat:

  • Freely position meters on a screen
  • Make meters transparent
  • Specify, in tenths of seconds, when and how long the meter is to be visible
  • Adapt the number of digits in graphic meters to the jackpot value
  • Configure the spacing between digits
  • Specify the decimal and thousands separators for all LED-style meters of a configuration according to your requirements

Optionally show the value of the last hit instead of the current jackpot value.


Hit Ticker for Simultaneous Jackpot Information

This moving text line appears on jackpot screens to inform your guests of other jackpot hits that have occurred.

  • Enable and disable the ticker as desired
  • Include the jackpot name, hit value, and other relevant details using variables
  • Select a font, type, size, and color to make the ticker text stand out on the screen
  • Set the speed at which the ticker moves across the display
  • Optionally have the ticker always appear on top of any screen element


Video or Animation and Sound Effects

Add life and excitement to your displays by including attention-grabbing videos or screaming animations on any screen, supported by sound effects.

  • Specify how long or how often the multimedia experience is repeated
  • Show videos full screen or in any scalable size with sharp appearance
  • When combining a video with one or more images or meters, identify the tenth of a second in the video when the images or meters are to appear, and optionally when they disappear again
  • All common file formats supported


Promotional Text Settings

Using compelling promotional text, motivate your patrons to try out new games or to come back for a spectacular event.

  • Place one or several texts on a screen
  • Specify the direction and speed of movement on the screen
  • Use color for texts to match the background or the animation
  • Select variables for displaying the jackpot name, winning machine, etc.
  • Freely configure the font and size of text and its position on the screen