DR Gaming Technology Europe


Excellent Tool for Targeted Marketing

Player attention is on the hyper modern user interface on the regular screen – no longer do players need to look at any small display.

drScreen offers promotion possibilities according to the player card level, thus allowing for perfect targeted marketing. Configure marketing or informational messages to be shown individually to players directly on drScreen; promote events, jackpots, etc.

  • Compose advertisements according to player card level (e.g., purple, silver, or gold member)
  • Advertise players in specific areas (e.g., jackpot club or high roller VIP area)
  • Special modes per card level are available (e.g., special jackpot mode only for "gold" members)
  • Optionally provide patrons with a way to request details about an advertised event
  • Coming soon: Enhance messages with sound

Extended Account Information

Players can at any time review the following information, without any further configuration by casino staff:

  • Complete overview about the player account
  • Account balance reporting
  • Jackpot information
  • Last jackpot hit values
  • Last big wins
  • Recent transactions made

Mystery Jackpots on Top Screen and Jackpot Hit Shows

An EGM's top screen is almost never intensely used. drScreen enables additional display possibilities:

  • Currently running mystery jackpots and their values
  • Jackpot hits
  • Post-my-Win Feature for Social Networks: The new and interactive way of sharing game experiences with friends: let your customers' social network take part in their wins! drScreen offers the ability to "make screenshots" from exciting game wins and to post them onto the player's facebook or twitter account. The player simply pushes the "POST MY WIN" button.

Programmable Content

No dedicated application is necessary to configure the presentation of content (like for example personalized logo and background image). Any web page element can easily be displayed using HTML5 programming.

  • Videos
  • Banners
  • Any multimedia or graphical content
  • No web knowledge necessary  - drScreenDesign tool  for editing
  • Design your user interface: add and delete buttons, change the captions, specify shapes and colors
  • Spread your design over all machines from a single PC application

Graphical Overlay

You really need the top screen or it is actively used within the game? No problem – using the graphical overlay feature, the player balance and jackpot meters can be displayed without losing the game's pay table.

Pepper-Spice-o-Meter – Hot Games on the Floor

Actively manage your customer's expectation! drScreen comes with its unique Pepper-Spice-o-Meter that shows the player the concept of game volatility and "hot" or "mild" games on your floor. It provides the possibility to direct patrons in a playful manner towards the game that matches their spending profile.


Easy Installation

Operators will appreciate no longer having to mount dedicated brackets. drScreen uses the EGM glass as it is.

  • drConnect hardware mounted within the gaming machine cabinet
  • drVGA technology used within the slot machine
  • Various types of touch screens can be used

Works on Reel Slots

The drReelScreen feature enables you to easily equip your reel slot models with drScreen too. An LCD replaces the glass pay table and you can benefit from all advantages drScreen offers.

Convenient for the User

  • Excellent readability
  • Large touch screen
  • Interactive menus for players and staff

System Operation Monitoring

  • The status bar helps to verify the correct operation of the system. For example out of paper errors or other cases of malfunction can be displayed