DR Gaming Technology Europe


Financial and Control Reports



Revenue Report: View the total win, turnover, and more per casino and EGM (Electronic Gaming Machine), and the average win per EGM per day. Scrutinize the revenue of a single casino or whole casino group: total in, total drop, casino win and EGM win, as well as payout percentages of EGMs by day / week / month.

Cash Flow Report: Detect variances between transactions recorded in the system and meter values for bills, handpays, ticket in and ticket out, as well as between win based on game, and win based on drop meters.

All reports offered are in accordance to regulations.



EGM Performance Report: Compare the performance of groups of EGMs according to various criteria, such as denomination or manufacturer: actual, average, and expected win; retain percentage; reinvest percentage; turn rate; average bets. Determine the occupancy per EGM, as the percentage of actually played time and time the EGM was available for playing; turnover.

Meter Details Report: View detailed revenue reporting, to verify meters (selectable), or to investigate any meter irregularities; review audit information and LTD meters, optionally meter increments - per gaming day or hour, or since the last bill or coin clearance.

Hard Meter Report: Verify the hard meter values as entered in the drSMIBManagementSystem. System meters, hard meters, and electronic meters are compared per position and gaming day.



Jackpot Hit Report: Review and evaluate jackpot hit details: hit sites; hit EGMs; from first to latest hit; total number of hits; total hit amount; expected time to next hit; times between hits. Keep informed about the total payout percentage of each EGM including jackpots.

Jackpot Contribution Report: view the sum of all values EGMs have contributed to a jackpot during the requested period, as required by legislations.

Monitoring Reports

Significant Event Report: Monitor events - user activities, messages and exceptions - to identify and troubleshoot hardware or software problems. Quickly investigate recurrent irregularities by reviewing the frequency of occurrences by event.

Count Reports

Bill Count Report, Ticket Count Report: Verify ticket count or bill count data. Online bill or ticket count data is compared to manual counts.

Interfaces to various count machines are available.

Tickets and Handpays

Handpay or Cashout Ticket Overview per Position: View tickets by category (pending, redeemed…), showing each position with details, and movement of liabilities from one gaming day to the next.

Handpay or Cashout Ticket Overview per Ticket: Get an overview about all tickets that are pending, have expired, have been redeemed, or printed and redeemed.

The reports available if you are using the drPlayerTracking and drCashless options include:

Card Accounts Report: Usage information and balances per card status (active, redeemed, all cards), or for a specific player tracking level, or for personalized or anonymous cards/iButtons only, or for an individual card/iButton

Staff Cards Report with current employee data per staff type or for an individual card/iButton

Liability Report for cards/iButtons at a specific player tracking level or for personalized or level 0 cards/iButtons only; for different time periods and levels of detail

Cashless Transactions Report: Win, total in and cashless meters at time of dayclose, coin clearance or bill clearance; at various levels of detail

Report Filters and Presentation Options

  • Filter reports by manufacturer, model, denomination, game, currency, jackpot, and much more
  • Run reports for a specific, several, or all manufacturers, models, etc.
  • Use report-specific options for presenting results

Compose Reports Using Drag-and-Drop

  • View and print report results in your preferred order
  • Conveniently place or rearrange data columns using drag-and-drop

Export Data

  • Export report data either to Excel® or to PDF