DR Gaming Technology Europe


Attractive Player Tracking

Freely Configurable Bonus Levels

In addition to the level 0 for casual players, configure different bonus levels for registered (frequent) guests, with the following options:

  • Freely definable name reflecting the prestige of the card/iButton, such as "Gold Members"
  • Turnover at EGMs required for 1 point
  • Whether or not points may be converted to either cashable or promotional credits

As a special goodie, run jackpots or tournaments exclusively for card/iButton holders.


Funds Management by Players at the Machine

Using their level 0 or personalized player cards/iButtons, your patrons can view and interactively manage their funds and points entirely on their own by

  • Loading credits to the credit meter ("buy in") from their card/iButton or
  • Converting points to credits for immediate wagering (if enabled)


Financial, Transaction and Monitoring Reports

  • Daily Revenue Reports with takings from cashless gaming shown separately
  • Local and multi-site Liability Reports for all or selected card levels, with or without details for a specific gaming day or per hour
  • Cashless Transactions Report lists meter readings from transfers to and from player cards/iButtons, at different levels of detail and based on dayclose or clearances
  • Card Balance Report for a selected card range or level; Card History Report per card
  • Staff Card Report, with employee details and status

These reports are available at the drSMIB operational level without the need for servers and databases. For long-term reporting and analysis, no further equipment beyond the drReports server and database is needed.


Marketing Directly to Patrons

Configure marketing or informational messages to be shown individually to players directly on the PTDs to promote events, jackpots, etc.:

  • Write and update messages and advertisements in any language using a PC-based tool
  • Compose "idle shows" with animated GIF files to be played when no card is in use
  • Enhance messages with sound in MP3 quality
  • Optionally provide patrons with a way to request details about an advertised event

On PTDs, players can at any time review the following information, without any further configuration by casino staff:

  • Currently running jackpots and jackpot values
  • Last jackpot hits and big wins
  • Recent transactions made using their player card/iButton