DR Gaming Technology Europe



Progressives - the Classics among Jackpots


  • Virtually unlimited number of progressive jackpots per EGM and site due to the powerful architecture of the drJackpots system
  • Promote individual positions on your floor using single machine progressives, or link machines with the same game and denomination floor-wide to award substantial wins (linked progressives)
  • All parameters, such as award level, contribution percentage, etc. are freely configurable through an Internet browser
  • Limit the maximum amount that is paid out


Mystery Jackpots - Limited Only by Your Imagination!

  • Virtually indefinite number of mystery jackpots configurable per site or bank and by individual EGM
  • Wide range of different mystery jackpots based on various criteria available to be configured within minutes
  • Limit participation at a mystery jackpot to holders of a special card level
  • When using multi denomination EGMs, limit participation at a mystery jackpot to a specific denomination
  • Triggered by the system; payouts as handpays or to credit meter
  • Select whether to redeem handpays at EGMs or at cash machines
  • The jackpot value is calculated by the patented jackpot engine algorithm using an internal random number generator
  • Expected hit rate is calculated at system level for conceptual verification


Each type of mystery is best suited for a specific situation or event and offers unique features and advantages.

Type of Mystery Jackpot Cash Prize Description
Standard   A win can be any amount between configurable minimum and maximum values.
Prize   The win is a non-cash prize, such as a trip or a car.
Time based Increments during specific recurrent gaming periods. Ideal for implementing "Happy Hour" periods.
Occupancy based Is activated once a configured minimum number of linked machines are played. Ideal for promoting specific groups of machines.
Promotional ticket     Give away promotional tickets as prize for a jackpot.
Minimum Bet based Can only be won by players who place the configured minimum bet for a game. Stimulates players who usually play minimum bet to increase their wager.
Combinations of the above For example, Time Limited Occupancy Cash/Prize.
Pay-Per-Coin (standard or time based)   Minimum wager necessary to participate.

Only players wagering at least the upper limit amount can receive 100 % of the hit value.

The proportion that is paid out for wagers between these limits is configurable.

Time-limited follow-up prize draw Configurable for any configured jackpot - follow-up jackpots that go off shortly after the master jackpot ("triggering jackpot") has been hit.


Prize Draws with Guaranteed Hits - a Novelty in the World of Gaming!

DRGT™ Time Based Prize Draw Jackpot has a configurable maximum number of guaranteed hits per configurable time slot - the ultimate temptation for any player. As the winning jackpot ticket is "drawn" at a participating machine, players are not distracted from their games and continue to generate turnover at the machines.

  • Ideal for replacing the traditional raffles which divert players' attention away from gambling
  • Suitable for floor-wide use

Displays and Effects

Whet every player's appetite for the upcoming opportunities on your gaming floor. Underline your marketing approach using multimedia stimulations and enhance the information flow towards your guests.

  • Connect Paltronics and Mikohn® CHAM II dot matrix displays, both overhead and in machine; assign up to 4 jackpots to a display
  • Implement visual effects such as smoke machines, light effects or any other supporting stimulation to spread the news of a winning experience on your gaming floor among your guests (additional hardware necessary)
  • Configure flexibly any type of messages for hit events, periods of low gaming, and times when the jackpot increments
  • Show alternating advertisements continuously or during low gaming only
  • Include system variables such as jackpot name, winning machine, etc. in messages and advertisements
  • Implement state-of-the-art plasma displays (drSign application required); flashy artwork can easily be changed and adapted to new themes; thrilling sound effects can be included
  • On in-machine displays, hit messages can be displayed only at the winning machine or at all participating EGMs

Card-Based Mystery Jackpots

Run any type of mystery jackpot exclusively for holders of membership cards/iButtons or club cards/iButtons, or exclusively for holders of cards/iButtons at specific levels, or for both players with and without cards/iButtons.

Minimum requirement: DRGT™ drCashless software license; drMFRs (Multifunctional Card Readers) installed at machines. Additional features available with the DRGT™ drPlayerTracking software license; Player Tracking Displays (PTDs) installed at machines.

Monitoring of Jackpots

At any time, view up-to-date details for a specific jackpot or all jackpots, including backup jackpots, about

  • The instance of each jackpot that is incrementing at present - current total in, contribution of each participating machine, etc.
  • Current jackpot hits, with details such as hit date and time, hit value, etc.

Manual Jackpot Operations

In cases of emergency, you can

  • Manually increase or decrease the current jackpot value (all jackpot types)
  • Reset hits to unlock the EGM (all jackpot types)
  • Manually generate hits if the machine did not send the hit information to the system (progressives)


Run, print and export detailed reports to analyze or optimize your jackpots:

  • Total payout percentage of each EGM connected to one or more cash jackpots
  • Contribution per jackpot and EGM, for a gaming day or since the last dayclose
  • Expected hit rate (interval between hits) and average hit value for mystery jackpots
  • Contribution per EGM for a specific jackpot, for a gaming day, since a selected gaming day, or since the last dayclose
  • Hit details for all jackpots (hit amount, number of hits), for a gaming day or since the last dayclose
  • Contribution per EGM and per instance, for a specific jackpot
  • Initial and current configuration settings, and the configuration history