DR Gaming Technology Europe


Convenient and Safe Cashless Gaming

Players will appreciate no longer having to carry cash, search for a host or attendant, or wait in line at a cash desk. They can spend more time on what is really fun for them and truly valuable to you - gambling!

Built-In Player Protection Features

drCashless supports you in implementing social responsibility programs. Specify the maximum amount or credits automatically transferred to the credit meter

  • At the start of a gaming session (auto load feature), and/or
  • When too few credits are available for playing at Max Bet (rebook feature)

In addition, define the topup value up to which credits are loaded to the machine, no matter how high other limits or the balances on the card/iButton are.


Handling of Remaining Credits

Credits unused at the end of a gaming session can no longer be unintentionally left on the machine, as they are automatically loaded to the card account when the card/iButton is removed.


Multi Currency Operation

If your venue often welcomes patrons from abroad using foreign currency, facilitate time-consuming money exchange processes. At drCashToCard machines patrons insert the foreign currency. The amount is automatically booked to their player card/iButton in your venue's currency. Various settings for source and target currency are available.


Cost-Effective, Secure Cashless Operation

Reduce or Completely Eliminate Coin Handling

By decreasing or getting rid of coins and handpays, you lower the risk of money loss and save considerable amounts in cash handling. Various interfaces to cash machines are available.

In multi-site operations, savings are multiplied as all player cards/iButtons can be used in any cashless-equipped venue without additional configuration.

Decrease Handpays

Reduce the number of payment tickets to be processed by having handpays paid to cards/iButtons. For this purpose, configure

  • The amount up to which wins are automatically transferred to cards/iButtons
  • If handpays first need to be reset by an attendant
  • Whether bill validators are active only with a card/iButton in the reader

Speed Up Operations and Maintenance

Serving guests right at the EGM, without using a notebook or having to walk back and forth between the machine and a PC, saves both players and staff precious time.

Employees simply insert their staff card right at the machine when performing tasks according to their staff level:

  • Resetting handpays and jackpots entirely card/iButton based (no key required)
  • Activating clearances
  • Authorizing big win payouts or door openings
  • Accessing the machine for diagnostics, maintenance, testing or troubleshooting
  • ... and much more!

Extensive Security Features

The modules include a series of measures to ensure maximum confidentiality and protection of your sensitive cashless data:

  • Configurable maximum balance per card level limits the amounts on player cards/iButtons
  • Players define their PIN right at the EGM if they choose to protect their card/iButton
  • Access of staff to player accounts in the optional database is password protected
  • Operator-definable "master key"; key generation changeable, for example after initial testing
  • Key needs to be re-entered if the entire network is down after a power failure

Financial, Transaction and Monitoring Reports

  • Daily Revenue Reports with takings from cashless gaming shown separately
  • Local and multi-site Liability Reports for all or selected card levels, with or without details for a specific gaming day or per hour
  • Cashless Transactions Report lists meter readings from transfers to and from player cards/iButtons, at different levels of detail and based on dayclose or clearances
  • Card Balance Report for a selected card range or level; Card History Report per card
  • Staff Card Report, with employee details and status

These reports are available at the drSMIB operational level without the need for servers and databases. For long-term reporting and analysis, no further equipment beyond the drReports server and database is needed.