DR Gaming Technology Europe


Cage Security and Player Protection

In its financial hub - the cage - any gaming venue relies on the safe and reliable handling of monetary transactions. In drCage, the major security features are:

  • Transactions above the configured staff limit must be authorized by a supervisor
  • Synchronization of accounts between system and card/iButton with every card/iButton insertion; player cards/iButtons do not need to be in a reader during funds transactions
  • Cards/iButtons of suspicious patrons can be locked without being inserted
  • Players who have PIN protected their card/iButton must enter this code for cashiers to be able to perform cashouts or other sensitive funds transactions
  • PIN editing only with player card/iButton inserted

Key cards containing the system's master key are necessary to activate the drCashless feature entirely card/iButton based after a power failure throughout the network, and to make new supervisor cards.

For secure key management, employees must know the current master key to make new key cards or change the key.

Player Funds and Card Management

One of the cashiers' top mandates is to provide fast and reliable service to guests. On one single drCage screen, cage staff can conveniently

  • Cash out the entire cash balance or any part of it as requested by the patron
  • Book cash, promotions, and points to cards/iButtons
  • Redeem all cash and promotional funds as well as points from a player card/iButton
  • Handle handpays:
    • View the number of pending payments at a glance and search for handpays
    • Pay handpays in cash or to cards/iButtons and automatically print receipts
  • Redeem vouchers or make complimentary payments using "custom currency"


Shift report at several levels of detail:

  • Inventory (totals) per funds type at shift end, amount at shift start, count at shift end, and variance between the calculated and counted amounts
  • Details per transfer, with transaction type (cash, card), amount, and time

Personalizing of Player Cards/iButtons

Membership or club cards/iButtons are a great customer relationship management tool that additionally allows you to tailor comp programes to players with common personal characteristics:

  • Use the drBonusing feature to set up a birthday promotion or gender-specific comps based on player information specified using drCage
  • As an additional service when registering a card, set the patron’s preferred language for Player Tracking Displays (can be changed by the guest)
  • Configure personal data, including ID document and photo; add, change, or clear the PIN
  • Upgrade the card level

Complimentary or Emergency Operations

The following delicate, high-level tasks are reserved for shift managers and supervisors:

  • Transferring a forgotten or lost player card/iButton to a new card/iButton, completely with funds and player details; the current card/iButton is redeemed (cleared) automatically
  • Handpay operations: reprinting receipts; changing erroneous amounts; voiding (canceling)

Transferable and Individualized Staff Cards

Card types within the staff card hierarchy grant your employees rights in drCage that match their job function. drCage automatically provides functions for the superior card in the reader.

Staff cards can either be circulated between shifts among employees with the same duties, or they can be personalized to a specific staff member by specifying the following details:

  • Name, nickname, gender and drCage language
  • Expiry date up to which access to drCage is possible
  • Limit above which transactions must be authorized by a supervisor

The rights to view, edit and lock staff cards on the next lower level are reserved for shift managers and supervisors who are not allowed to edit their own cards.

Implementation Benefits

  • Simple installation and setup
  • Maximum data availability through redundant storage on and synchronization with the drSMIB network
  • Easy creation of new staff cards; reserved for shift managers and supervisors
  • Optimum user guidance:
    • User-friendly and intuitive look-and-feel
    • Touch screen mode and keyboard/mouse mode available
    • Splitting of amounts for payouts into the optimum number of bills and coins per denomination, according to availability

Configuration options:

  • Rolling or fixed float of start amount between shifts; start amount for fixed float per desk
  • Regulation (jurisdiction)
  • Screen for easily entering amounts by selecting bill/coin denomination symbols
  • Optional automatic voiding of promotions and/or points when cards/iButtons are redeemed
  • Minimum denomination paid out; amounts are rounded up to this denom