DR Gaming Technology Europe


Promotion Highlights

  • Suitable for virtually every purpose, such as recruiting members for slot clubs, pushing new games or promoting "hot" shows
  • Ideal for both one-time and recurring events during any time span
  • Single-venue or multi-site operation and reporting
  • Points-based comps for all promotion types
  • Cash or promotional comps for selected promotions, to be awarded in addition to or instead of points
  • Fast setup in DRGT's browser-based casino management system
  • For each promotion, add a short explanation of the bonus as well as the terms and conditions of participation
  • Players can view the points balance and the conditions for participating on displays at the machine
  • Players see a message on the display when a bonus is being booked to their card
  • Staff conveniently access balances and information on promotions in our drCage application

"Because You're You" Promotion

Direct part of your bonusing program at groups of players who share certain personal characteristics. Target Player Attribute promotions:

  • Exclusively to ladies (for example, on "Ladies' Weekends") or
  • To gentlemen (for example, on "Football Eve") or
  • Keep them open to both genders
  • Specifically to promising age groups that you plan to focus on

  ... or give players an unexpected treat on their birthday.

"Your First Time" Promotion

Motivate players to become and stay regulars by hosting a First Use promotion.The bonus is awarded to players when they first use their membership cards.

  • Ever - ideal for introducing DRGT™ features or to have patrons remember their very first visit to your venue for a long time
  • On every single day the player gambles - perfect for your most loyal regulars
  • In any week, month or year - for players who come back regularly to enjoy themselves

"Use Your Card" Promotions

Make players feel special when they reach a certain bonus level, by having them participate in Card Level promotions:

  • Configurable separately for each individual level or for all levels
  • Bonus scalable to the card level - from the anonymous level for casual guests to each bonus level for registered players

"Keep Playing This Machine" Promotions

Game Activity promotions let you give a treat to guests who play longer at the same machine. The more turnover they generate in a single, uninterrupted gaming session at a slot, the higher their reward.

  • The bonus is a percentage of the points the player earns through gaming
  • The number of points that the player must have reached to receive the bonus is configurable

"Get Your Share of the Jackpot" Promotions

Increase the attractiveness of your high profile drJackpots by awarding an extra win to participating card holders. To tailor Jackpot Festival promotions to your needs, configure

  • The percentage awarded to every player who was gaming using the membership card at the time of the hit
  • The minimum and maximum amounts awarded, regardless of the configured share
  • Whether the reward is cash or non cash

These additional wins are covered by the marketing budget.

"Play These Slots" Promotions

Promote new games, machines in a particular zone or bank, or a less attractive location. Have machines participate in Selected EGMs promotions with one or any combination of the same attributes:

  • Manufacturer, model, and game
  • Jackpot in which the machines are participating
  • Credit denomination or denomination range

… or create your ideal slot mix from individual positions throughout the floor.

Configuration Reports

Check if any settings need to be updated or adjusted. View the change history or information on the most recent revision for

  • Sites: time of dayclose; site currency and coin denominations
  • EGMs: manufacturer; model; game; coin and credit denominations; currency; theoretical payout percentage; protocol
  • Jackpots: current jackpot configuration settings and configuration history; list of EGMs at all sites that are connected to the jackpot


Currency conversion rate for all major currencies:

  • Maintain the exchange rate between EGM currencies and report currencies, for showing amounts in a user’s preferred currency
  • You decide on the update frequency, for example, every day or once a week

Participation configurable for any period of time:

  • Configure individuals or organizations as co-owners or other participators receiving shares of the turnover or win
  • Participation rate is either a percentage of the turnover or win, or a fixed amount
  • Participators can view their shares in selected financial reports

Managers and regions:

  • For easier and faster filtering of financial reports, you can group sites according to managers and geographical regions

Format of exported data:

  • Select the date and time formats, and decimal and thousands separators according to your country
  • Save the settings for future exporting