DR Gaming Technology Europe


Recording and Monitoring of Gaming Floor Information

All meters and events related to an EGM are continuously retrieved, time stamped and stored by the drSMIB (Slot Machine Interface Board) installed in each gaming machine. All meters are made available for daily and current financial reports. The current values of all meters are accessible through the Current Meters Report.

A real-time monitor visualizes all events on the floor, such as jackpot hits or handpays, activities such as door openings, and exceptions such as rejected bills or meter jumps.

  • Filtering events by type and machine allows your staff to focus on information related to their individual jobs
  • All meters at the time an event occurred can be viewed
  • Popup alerts are configurable by event type
  • Events can be automatically saved in separate Microsoft® Excel files per day, with meters at the time of the event
  • Events from a session can be saved to be restored the next time the monitor is started

Revenue Reporting

Let DRGT™ inform you about the daily win generated at your venue - from a quick overview of yesterday's earnings to full details per machine.

  • Choose between revenue reports and consolidation reports based on meter readings taken at dayclose or at the time of a bill or coin clearance
  • Totals Report - total win from the machines, total drop, total attendant payments and progressive payouts (machine payouts of wins from a linked jackpot system)
  • Totals with Meters Report - also includes meter readings relevant to the win at the time of dayclose or clearance
  • Meter Details Report - additionally displays the movement of each meter within the report period
  • All data available as daily reports for retrospective analysis and as current reports to inform you about the current situation of your venue
  • Meter audit information for easy verification of data consistency is included in all daily and current revenue reports at all levels of details


Handpay Handling

Efficiently manage payouts and increase service to your players by avoiding delays in handpay handling while maintaining full control of cash movements.

  • View pending handpays and jackpots
  • Get an overview of the current status and amount of handpays since the last dayclose using the Current Handpay Report
  • Automatic printing of handpay receipts; number of copies and casino details freely definable; optionally disable printing of receipts for machine payouts (credit cancel) or payouts above the configurable "big win" limit
  • Barcoded handpay receipt number for easy processing by cashiers
  • All handpays of the gaming day listed in the Daily Total Handpay Report, with machine position, amount, status, etc.
  • To reconcile your cage, compare the Daily Total Handpay Report with the handpay receipts that have been redeemed