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"Systems should evolve around the slot machines"


DR Gaming Technology™


DR Gaming Technology (DRGT™) provides a unique gaming system answer. DRGT™ is the ideal partner to improve a current machine park regardless of the machine number, type, or age.

DRGT™ focuses on solutions being as practicable as possible for both operators and players.


Our Vision Statement

  • The vision that systems should evolve around the slot machines in operation today and not those planned only for the future.
  • The vision to offer a complex, secure, yet for the operator and player simple solution.
  • The vision of adaptability and flexibility according to each individual gaming floor.
  • The vision of systems customization.

In 2015, DRGT™ moved to a new, 17,000 square feet facility in Aalst, Flanders, Belgium, where all maintenance and support is handled. Our office and warehouse is only minutes away from Brussels International Airport. The expanded facility enables DRGT™ to guarantee a quicker turnaround of machines for operators.



DRGT™ System

DRGT™ system is designed to monitor EGMs (Electronic Gaming Machines) collecting day-to-day details and summarize information automatically to help venues manage and optimize gaming performance and generate basic reports. We aim at revolutionizing the casino systems market in terms of benefit to operators, their employees, and their patrons.

The respectable number of worldwide installations validates our method.
The top objective is to assist operators of any size anywhere in the world in making their businesses more profitable and efficient.


DRGT™ Customer Reference List

Footprint of more than 45.000 slot machines installed by DR Gaming Technology™