DR Gaming Technology Europe

Application Development

While developing an application there are some processes that should be followed in order to develop applications quickly and get high performance from them.


Requirements & Definitions

To develop a new application, we first determine how this application will be used.
Defined user scenarios and also user groups should be determined if needed.
During the assessment process we also decide which functionalities and services will be needed, and which contents will be used for different user groups. Supported platforms and resolutions, distribution method, and supported device-specific features are taken into consideration during the Requirements & Definitions phase.



The designer or the project manager will start the design with a basic flowchart.
In this situation a flowchart is a basic chart which will describe the steps and the interactivity flow.


Use Cases

The use cases are the description of the usability and the human psychology behind it.
It is a basic human behavior from the user's point of view.



The visualization phase of the application. We decide and approve the following:
The application name.
The application theme (color, type of fonts, tab and menu button styles, the display of content, etc.).
The usage of video and audio in the application.
*Included in the advertisement pages: banners etc.
*Process dialog: waiting dialog, transaction, thank you, feedback screens, etc.



Start development of the project.



Starting from the Requirements & Definitions phase, at every phase we write application test cases. These test cases will be tested at this phase.



If no redevelopment is required due to the test results, we will distribute the application.


Regular Updates

When newer versions are available we distribute the new version of the application.